Sometimes blues talks

[philiptellis] I speak at conferences around the world on several topics including the spirit of the hack, web performance, opensource software, project management and everything in between. I'd love to come speak at your conference if you'll have me.

Hacking my talks

I've been lecturing at universities and speaking at conferences and user group events for a little over 10 years now. At the start I used to write raw HTML by hand using frames to keep navigation on the left. This worked well because if the machine I was using to present didn't have the required tools installed, I could ssh in to my box and do the presentation using lynx. Many years later, Eric Meyer developed S5 and I switched to using that. I wrote a custom perl script that generated the S5 file from a plain text file. The perl script is available on my github account here.

Late in 2009, in preparation for FOSS.IN, I decided to start learning LaTeX and build my presentations with that, then generate a PDF with pdflatex. The primary motivation was to be able to upload my presentations to slideshare. I first redid Being a Geek as a dry run. At FOSS.IN, I got a bunch of help from other LaTeX experts to build my talk. I haven't mastered it yet, but I'm getting there.

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